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Why use Rewarding Recycling?

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Why trust Rewarding Recycling with your scrap car? Because, quite simply, we give you more.

  • More value with the best price for your scrap car.
  • More convenience with a simple and convenient way to dispose of your scrap car.
  • More personalised service – we really do fit in around you.
  • More peace of mind. We’re the name you can trust to handle your unwanted scrap car. We provide End-of-Life Vehicle services to over 4,000 dealerships nationwide. And to date we’ve organised the collection, treatment and environmental disposal and re-use of more than 1.25 million vehicles.

Rewarding Recycling is an Autogreen company.

Autogreen was launched specifically to manage the entire legislation as required by the End-of-Life Vehicles (ELV) Directive, so we have experience of the industry and have built a trusted relationship with many car manufacturers, including Vauxhall, Honda, BMW, Suzuki and Toyota to name a few. We will manage everything from the issue of your Certificates of Destruction (COD’s), vehicle pre-treatment and depollution, maximizing the financial return on reusable parts and non-metallic waste, and the ultimate disposal of scrap vehicles through our national network of dedicated authorised treatment facilities (ATF’s). This is why Rewarding Recycling is able to offer the best customer experience from start to finish, knowing that you're always in safe hands. The Rewarding Recycling process will ensure that your scrap car is disposed of in a responsible and lawful manner, and that all necessary paperwork is completed in accordance with UK legislation and that all of this is fully auditable route for compliant vehicle disposal.

When your car is at the end of the road, make us your first port of call:

0800 542 2002 / 01327 316014