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Go online tell the DVLA you've sold or scrapped your vehicle

Wednesday 12th August, 2015

More vehicle management services go online

 — DVLA Digital Services

Back in May we told you more online services were coming your way.

We’re pleased to announce that ‘Tell DVLA you've sold or bought a vehicle’has successfully passed the Government Digital Service assessment and is now available in public Beta. As with all new services we’re looking for your feedback which will help us to continuously improve the services for you.

Dealers can now tell DVLA when they sell a vehicle out of trade

  • by using the service ‘sold a vehicle out of trade’.

Before using the online service you’ll need the latest registration certificate (V5C).

DIGITAL BLOG _ Tell DVLA you've sold or bought a vehicle

In addition, we’ve introduced the following online services for use by private individuals:

  • ‘sold your vehicle into the motor trade’ - following customer feedback, we’ve further enhanced this service to allow private individuals to tell us when they sell their vehicle to a motor trader
  • ‘sold your vehicle to a private individual or business’ - private individuals can now tell DVLA when they sell their vehicle to another private individual or business.

All services are available via GOV.UK