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Spanish new-car sales jump 24% as scrappage program boosts demand

Thursday 2nd July, 2015

MADRID (Reuters) -- Spanish new-car sales rose 24 percent to 111,333 in June, marking 22 straight months of growth. The increase followed a 14 percent rise in May.

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New law cuts thefts of scrap metal by a third

Tuesday 2nd June, 2015

Thefts of materials ranging from electricity cables to metal from railway lines, war memorials, road signs, children’s playground equipment and church roofs are costing the country as much as 770 million a year, said the Local Government Association (LGA).

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Act is helping to turn the tide in war against scrap metal thieves

Monday 27th April, 2015

Laws that apply when you scrap a car in Nottingham, Derbyshire, and Leicestershire in line with the rest of the UK.

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The rebirth of a scrap car

Monday 20th April, 2015

A few miles short of Swindon my car, laden with four teenagers, my wife, one teenager's boyfriend, a dog, and attendant baggage comes to a sudden and it turns out, permanent, halt.

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West Midlands pilot for scrap metal database

Monday 20th April, 2015

A new database of scrap metal dealers is being piloted in the West Midlands in a bid to tackle illegal sales.

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